Have you ever wondered the energy and awareness you would bring to a situation when you allow change to occur, It goes a long way, if you Know what needs to change and try to bring attention to it as well. However, leading change is what makes the difference.The people who make a difference are not the people who talk about change rather they are the ones who harmonise with the situation by taking bold step towards breakthrough ideas and lead the change.

Dr.B M Hegde

Dr. B M Hegde

Dr.Somdutta Singh

Dr. Som Dutta Singh

Mr.Praveen Sood

Mr.Praveen Sood

Hemanth Rao

Mr. Hemanth M.Rao

Ms. Payal Agarwal

Ms. Payal Agarwal

Pravin Godkhindi

Mr. Pravin Godkhindi

Saveen Menon

Mr. Saveen Menon

Ganesh Datta Lakkur

Mr. Ganesh Datta Lakkur

Shruthi Ravi

Ms. Shruthi Ravi

Pritham Kumar

Mr. Pritham Kumar

Anirudh S Dutt

Mr. Anirudh S Dutt

Y V Karthik

Mr. Y V Karthik